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 Justin Amash receives GOP challenger days after saying Trump committed impeachable offenses

 Romney disagrees with GOP congressman's conclusion on Trump's 'impeachable conduct' - Sen. Mitt Romney said that he disagrees with Rep. Justin Amash on the Michigan Republican's recent comments that President Donald Trump's conduct has met the "threshold for impeachment."

 Michigan GOP congressman says Trump’s conduct impeachable - “Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment,” Justin Amash wrote.

 No Mueller, no McGahn and stalled investigations leave House Democrats frustrated - An increasing number of House Democrats are frustrated by their stalled investigations into President Donald Trump, with an uncooperative chief executive, their own leader's reluctance about impeachment and courts that could be slow to resolve the standoff.

 Mueller’s House testimony likely off until at least June - House Democrats are backing away from plans to hold a blockbuster hearing this month with Robert Mueller after talks stalled out with the special counsel and his representatives.

 House Dems fall in line with Pelosi's no-impeachment strategy

 Attorney General William Barr Trolls Pelosi at the Capitol: ‘Madam Speaker, Did You Bring Your Handcuffs?’ - According to multiple reporters, AG William Barr approached House Speaker Nancy Pelosi following the National Peace Officers Memorial Service in Washington, shook her hand, and asked, "Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?" Pelosi smiled and said the House Sergeant at Arms was present if an arrest was necessary, to which Barr laughed and walked away.

 White House rejects House panel's demands, says investigation amounts to 'unauthorized do-over' of Mueller probe - "Unfortunately, it appears that you have already decided to press ahead with a duplicative investigation," White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote.

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 Joe Biden claims he ‘started this whole thing’ on climate change - Joe Biden says he was the guy who “started this whole thing” on climate change, which may come as a surprise to Al Gore.

 Trump vs. House Democrats: 10 upcoming showdowns - U.S. President Donald Trump is refusing to cooperate with numerous congressional probes of himself and his administration, taking a defiant stance that is likely to result in a court battle with Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

 Democrats shift to seize on Supreme Court as 2020 campaign issue - Democrats are attempting to turn the Supreme Court into a campaign issue as they confront President Donald Trump’s success at reshaping the federal judiciary with young, conservative judges and the prospect that abortion rights are close to being eliminated.

 Missouri’s GOP-led Legislature passes 8-week abortion ban

 Red states compete to topple Roe vs. Wade with pro-life bills aimed at Supreme Court

 Legal battle heats up as more states test strict abortion bans - States are already pursuing and defending laws to ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

 Alabama votes to BAN nearly all abortions including in cases of rape and incest with doctors facing up to 99 years in jail for performing them - The US state's governor will make the final call on bringing the law into force.

 Journalism shifting more to opinion-based content, 'relies heavily on argumentation and advocacy': report - Journalism in the U.S. "has gradually shifted away from objective news and offers more opinion-based content that appeals to emotion and relies heavily on argumentation and advocacy," according to a new Rand Corp. report.


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