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 Trump Attempts to Distance Himself From Cohen’s Crimes - President Trump said in a series of tweets that he never directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who was sentenced to three years in prison, to break the law.

 'I took a path of darkness instead of light': President's former lawyer Michael Cohen tearfully lays the blame for his fraud and lies on 'blind loyalty' to cover up the 'dirty deeds' of Trump, as he is jailed for THREE YEARS

 Trump threatens to have military build border wall if Pelosi, Schumer won’t budge - President Trump threatened to have the military “build the remaining sections” of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, appearing to revive a call to use Pentagon money to finish the project as he braces for a tense meeting with congressional Democratic leaders opposed to the president’s funding request.

 Republicans question 'sleazoid' Michael Cohen’s credibility - Republican lawmakers said they don’t believe information provided to prosecutors by President Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, implicating the president in a payoff scheme. “Let me say this about Mr. Cohen,” said Sen. John Kennedy. “I don’t know the man, I’ve just observed him. Jesus loves him but everybody else thinks he’s an idiot. He’s obviously a sleazoid grifter, and if I were a prosecutor, I wouldn’t base a prosecution on evidence given to me by Mr. Cohen.”

 Court filing raises question of Trump prosecution: 'There is a plausible case against the president' - For the first time, prosecutors have tied President Donald Trump to a federal crime, accusing him of directing illegal hush-money payments to women during his presidential campaign in 2016.

 John Kelly, hired to restore order for President Donald Trump, is out as chief of staff

 Trump picks Army Gen. Mark Milley to be next chairman of the Joint Chiefs - President Trump named Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to become the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs, replacing Gen. Joseph Dunford as the Pentagon’s top military officer.

 Does Mueller’s Latest Filing In The Michael Cohen Case Show Collusion? - President Donald Trump is claiming that a memo released by special counsel Robert Mueller regarding information provided by Michael Cohen “totally clears the president” of collusion allegations.; Trump’s critics disagreed, noting that Mueller’s filing reveals new details of contacts between Cohen and Russians, while making vague statements about “useful information” that Cohen gave prosecutors.; The Mueller filing does not say that Cohen has provided information on the core aspect of the Russia probe: That the Trump campaign and Kremlin conspired to influence the 2016 election.

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 Anti-Trump dossier author was hired to help Hillary challenge 2016 election results - British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the Democrat-financed anti-Trump dossier, said in a court case that he was hired by a Democratic law firm in preparation for Hillary Clinton challenging the results of the 2016 presidential election.

 Pelosi’s Team Under Rising Pressure to Pursue Trump Impeachment

 Pelosi strikes deal with Dem rebels, paving the way for her speakership - The California Democrat has agreed to limit her time as speaker to four years at most.

 Google Employees Sought To Block Breitbart From Ads, Emails Show - Leaked emails show Google employees plotting to ban Breitbart from Google AdSense, which dominates the digital ad market; The leaked conversation is the third example of Google employees seeking to weaponize Google’s products for left-wing purposes; Google CEO Sundar Pichai is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee where he’s expected to be pressed on political bias at Google

 Kavanaugh Joins Liberals To Protect Pro-Planned Parenthood Ruling - The Supreme Court declined to review three cases relating to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood at the state level, over a vigorous dissent from Justice Clarence Thomas. The dissent was significant because it indicates that Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with the high court’s liberal wing to deny review of a lower court decision that favored the nation’s largest abortion provider.

 Trump accuses ‘Leakin’ James Comey’ of lying to Congress: ‘So untruthful!’ - President Trump accused former FBI Director James Comey of lying to Congress during Mr. Comey’s closed-door appearance with lawmakers.

 Comey admits FBI didn’t verify claims in anti-Trump dossier

 Comey claims ignorance, memory lapses dozens of times in transcript of closed-door House testimony


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