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 CBO: Democrat Deal Takes $20B from Working, Middle Class Americans with New IRS Audits - The Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act” is set to squeeze $20 billion from working and middle class Americans with new funding for increased Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates.

 Commentary: IRS Hiring Spree Is the Biggest Expansion of the Police State in American History - "...The Democrats' new reconciliation bill isn't just going to be the largest-ever expansion of a government agency. It's going to be the largest expansion of the domestic police state in American history. Only a statist could believe that a federal government, which already collects $4.1 trillion every year -- or $12,300 for every citizen -- supposedly needs 80 battalions of new IRS cops."

 Democratic Operatives Control Voter Rolls In 31 States, Report Shows

 IRS Commissioner Says Agency Is ‘Absolutely Not’ Increasing Audit Scrutiny on Small Businesses, Middle-Income Americans - The IRS has said it will “absolutely not” be increasing audit scrutiny on small businesses or middle-income Americans amid concerns over Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, which provides nearly $80 billion in IRS funding, including $45.6 billion for “enforcement.”

 Pelosi says China 'one of the freest societies in the world' - "China is one of the freest societies in the world, don't take it from me, that's from Freedom House, it's a strong democracy, courageous people," Pelosi said.

 Scientists suing Biden admin over COVID info censorship - Drs. Jayanta (Jay) Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff and Aaron Kheriaty joined the lawsuit filed by the states of Missouri and Louisiana, alleging that the CDC and DHS worked with Big Tech companies to censor Americans discussing the pandemic. The doctors alleged they were censored on social media platforms for expressing views in opposition to the positions of the federal government.

 Commentary: Impatient Democrats hear the clock ticking - "...Their recent acts are a direct threat to freedom of conscience."

 Average person does not need to be concerned about monkeypox, says White House COVID chief: '98% of cases are among gay and bisexual men'

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 Political fallout mounts over FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago - “There is political bias within the FBI, and I think it’s legitimate to raise the question about … the way President Trump has been treated,” said Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.

 New twist in FBI raid: Trump had 'standing order' to declassify documents taken to residence

 FBI Raid Warrant Demanded Seizure Of Literally Any Record Trump Ever Saw During 4-Year Presidential Term

 Trump says 'nuclear weapons issue a hoax' after WaPo report claims he held on to codes

 House Republicans say Justice Dept. still owes answers beyond unsealing Mar-a-Lago warrant

 FBI director makes first public comments since raid on Trump's home - FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to address questions about an FBI raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence conducted this week but did denounce "deplorable" threats against law enforcement in his first public comments since the search in Florida.

 Sen. Ron Johnson Calls For FBI, DOJ Employees To Come Forward With Info On Trump Mar-A-Lago Raid - Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson sent a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) calling for information related to the raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

 Trump Reveals More Details on Mar-a-Lago Raid - Trump posted on Truth Social: “In early June, the DOJ and FBI asked my legal representatives to put an extra lock on the door leading to the place where boxes were stored in Mar-a-Lago – We agreed. They were shown the secured area, and the boxes themselves. Then on Monday, without notification or warning, an army of agents broke into Mar-a-Lago, went to the same storage area, and ripped open the lock that they had asked to be installed. A surprise attack, POLITICS, and all the while our Country is going to HELL!”


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