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Muslim Apologists: What about the Quran's verses of Peace and Tolerance for other religions?
What about the Quran's verses of Peace and Tolerance for other religions?

While there are some verses in the Quran (and episodes from Muhammad's life) that would appear to promote tolerance and peace, they are usually mitigated by circumstances and context. Closer examination proves less convenient to the simplistic interpretation furnished by apologists - which usually tells us more about what some Muslims wish were there rather than what actually is.

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A Look At: Feminism
Feminism is an ideology that causes an alienation in affection by women for men. Feminism denies or downplays differences between men and women; feminism opposes homemaking, and child-rearing; feminism promotes participation by women in predominantly male activities. Most prominent modern feminists support abortion.
On a personal level feminism can disrupt marriages, relationships, child-rearing, education and the workplace. The feminist ideology is particularly dominant in elite universities, many large corporations, and competitive women's team sports. Feminism claims it wants to make men and women equal but in reality, it opposes any sort of support for men.

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