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Profiles in Cowardice at Harvard
"The fallout of brainwashing and propaganda."
"The sometimes violent anti-Israel/pro-Hamas protests on many US campuses are the outcome of failed educational policies going back decades. The failure is no more pronounced than at Harvard."

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A Look At: Anti-Semitism
Anti-semitism is discrimination, prejudice, and hatred against Jews and Jewish culture. 

Anti-semitism has been growing rapidly in Liberal countries, especially in Europe.

It has also been growing amongst liberals in the U.S. The Institute for Jewish & Community Research did a study and found that people who identify as Democrats are more likely to believe anti-Semitic beliefs than Republicans. 

The study found that the young, who are more likely to be liberal, are also more likely to be anti-Semites than people over age 35. The study found that more than 75% of Democrats hold at least one anti-Semitic belief.

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