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A Look At: Liberal Myths
Liberal Myths are falsehoods heavily supported by a destructive belief system.
Liberal Myths Include:
- The claim that government regulations create jobs.
- The claim that there is no voter fraud, it's about the GOP wanting to prevent people from voting.
- The claim that Early American Pilgrims were illegal immigrants when there were no such things as national boundaries in what is now the United States prior to its establishment.
- The claim that gun control reduces crime.
- The claim that the media is not biased toward the liberal agenda.

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Political Correctness Gone Too Far
Some examples of political correctness going too far:
- Washington State Prisons Refer to Inmates as ‘Students’ -- Because the words “prisoner” and “inmate” have negative connotations, the Washington State Department of Corrections now refers to inmates as “students” according to KIRO 7 in Seattle.
- Air Force Officer Warns Use of ‘Boy,’ ‘Girl’ is Offensive -- A senior officer at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio sent an email to base personnel warning against the use of many words or terms that “may be construed offensive.” According to a Fox News report, among the banned words were “Boy” and “Girl.” “Please be cognizant that such conduct is 100 percent zero tolerance in or outside of the work climate,” the email read. Several school districts around the U.S. have discouraged or banned the use of the “B” and “G” words in recent years.
- College Bans Term ‘Freshman,’ Claiming it Promotes Rape -- North Carolina’s Elon University banned the term “freshman,” saying it is sexist and might promote sexual violence. The preferred term used in new student orientations and on the college’s website is “first-year.”
- Seattle Police Can’t Use Word ‘Suspects’ in Reports -- Seattle Police Department officers who fill out reports can no longer use the word “suspect.” Instead, they must use the term “community member.” After three officers were shot responding to an armed robbery, they were required to refer to the shooter as a “community member.”
- Princeton University Bans Use of ‘Man’ -- According to, Princeton’s HR department issued a four-page memo banning the use of “man.” So instead of the phrase, “man and wife,” faculty members are expected to use “spouses” or “partners.” “Manmade” becomes “artificial,” “workmanlike” becomes “skillful,” and “layman” should be replaced by “non-specialist.”
- University Bans Use of Phrase ‘Politically Incorrect’ -- The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee declared the phase “politically incorrect” as taboo. “Over time PC has become a way to deflect, say that people are being too ‘sensitive,’ and police language,” reads a poster created by the university’s Inclusive Excellence Center. “It is disconnected from authentic understanding of impact.” Use of the PC term is considered a microaggression at the university.
- Teacher’s Course Claims Math is a ‘Dehumanizing Tool’ -- Middle-school math teachers can take an online course entitled “Teaching Social Justice through Secondary Mathematics.” According to, the concepts include recognizing that, “For centuries, mathematics has been used as a dehumanizing tool,” and “math is a powerful tool for advocacy or oppression.” The course also explores “Mathematical Identity,” which “raises the issue that when we think of renowned mathematicians, many of us reference educated Western white males.”
- Use of Gender Neutral Subjects and Pronouns -- To avoid offending transgender students by referring to them as he/him/his or she/her/hers, students and teachers at some schools are expected to use gender-neutral terms: ze/zir/zirs, and xe/xem/xyrs. When the University of Tennessee adopted this policy in 2015, it recommended that instructors ask students which pronoun they preferred.

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