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 Investigators With ICE, FBI Reviewing Criminal Allegations Against Ilhan Omar, Report Says - Investigators with multiple federal agencies are reportedly reviewing evidence of alleged crimes committed by far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) that center around her marital history.

 Report: 260 million Christians Face ‘High Levels of Persecution’ - Christian persecution around the globe reached an unprecedented level at the end of 2019.

 Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declares state of emergency, Capitol weapon ban ahead of gun rights rally

 ICE: Suspect In 92-Year-Old Queens, NY Woman's Rape, Murder In Country Illegally - Federal officials say the suspect in the murder of a 92-year-old woman should've been turned over to immigration officers months ago. Authorities say it was back in November when 21-year-old Reeaz Khan was arrested for allegedly attacking his father. He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon and then let go.

 House Democrats Launch Investigation Into Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ Program

 Texas is 1st state to reject refugees - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the state will reject the resettlement of new refugees, becoming the first state known to do so under a recent Trump administration order. In a letter, Abbott wrote that Texas "has been left by Congress to deal with disproportionate migration issues resulting from a broken federal immigration system." He added that Texas has done "more than its share." Texas took in more refugees than any other state during the 2018 governmental fiscal year.

 Mother of slain California woman accuses Oakland mayor of protecting suspect, an illegal immigrant - The mother of a 19-year-old California woman murdered last month, allegedly by an illegal immigrant, spoke out against the state's sanctuary policies that she said led to her daughter's death.

 "NBC News: Federal prosecutors say that video taken from outside of Jeffrey Epstein's cell the night of his FIRST suicide attempt in July has been permanently deleted because MCC saved video from the wrong tier of the jail and not the tier Epstein was on, a filing says."

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 Iran’s supreme leader calls Trump a clown, praises missile attack in rare appearance - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, addressed Friday prayers in Tehran for the first time since 2012 and used the platform to praise the country's retaliatory strike against the U.S. over the killing of one of its top generals and called President Trump a clown who cannot be trusted.

 Iranian Military Now Claims US "Cyberattack" Brought Down Passenger Plane - As new video shows 2nd missile striking plane, Iran blames "enemy sabotage"...

 Families of deployed paratroopers received ‘menacing’ messages, warned to double-check social media settings

 NAS Pensacola shooting was an 'act of terrorism', Barr says; US to expel 21 Saudi nationals in training program - The shooting carried out by a Saudi aviation student at Naval Air Station Pensacola in December was an "act of terrorism," Attorney General William Barr said as officials released their findings from their investigation into the attack.

 Trump issues warning to Iran: 'Do not kill your protesters ... the USA is watching' - President Trump issued a stark warning to Iran as leaders in Tehran gear up to deal with protesters who took to the streets after the government admitted to accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet. “To the leaders of Iran - DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS,” Trump tweeted. “Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching.”

 Iran plane crash: Tehran rebuffs claims it shot down Ukrainian jet - Western leaders say evidence is growing that an Iranian missile downed the plane near Tehran.

 'Highly likely' Iranian anti-aircraft missile shot down Boeing 737 plane, US officials say - It is “highly likely” an Iranian anti-aircraft missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane, two US officials have said.

 U.S. and Iran Back Away From Open Conflict - President Trump said Iran appears to be backing away from conflict with the U.S. and signaled no further U.S. military strikes, after an Iranian missile barrage on U.S. bases in Iraq that seemed calibrated to avoid further escalation.


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