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 GOP/Dem Deal Spends 40X as Much on Foreign Countries as Border Wall - A Republican-Democrat spending bill being offered to President Trump spends nearly 40 times as much on foreign aid as it does on a wall to secure the United States-Mexico border.

 It's true, Trump really did start building more wall in Texas

 After El Chapo conviction, use seized $14 BILLION to build border wall? - Could El Chapo’s seized drug money be used to build the border wall? That’s one of the questions many are asking following news of the former drug kingpin being found guilty on all counts.

 Video Venom: 33 TV Shows in Jan. Slam ‘Terrorist’ Trump, Praise Abortion - A cross section of nightly programming on major networks, cable TV or popular streaming services is loaded with anti-conservative, anti-Trump propaganda. January featured at least 33 separate entertainment programs that attacked conservative values and/or President Donald Trump while promoting a hardcore progressive agenda.

 'Show of force': 100 vehicles line one mile of Texas border to deter caravan on other side

 After holiday lull, Central American family migration returns to record levels, new figures show

 Supreme Court Blocks Louisiana Regulations on Abortion Providers - A divided high court blocked Louisiana from implementing abortion regulations that could limit the availability of the procedure in the state, in an interim action that could set the stage for the court to weigh in on abortion rights in the near future.

 Pentagon moving 250 active-duty troops to Eagle Pass, Texas, because of migrant caravan

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 ‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett Orchestrated Attack, Sources Say - Investigators believe Jussie Smollett and non-cooperating witnesses in the alleged attack of Smollett last month “potentially staged the attack.”

 New Democratic bloc's push left unsettles party - A new generation of Democrats is using far-reaching policy ideas and a brash social media presence to upend the party - pushing it to the left on divisive issues such as health care and climate change while it charts a path aimed at taking the White House in 2020.

 Commentary: It's Time for the Chicago PD to Charge Jussie Smollett for Fabricating a Hate Crime - "...The evidence demonstrates the attack, as alleged, never happened."

 Maxine Waters rants about Trump at MLK celebration: ‘We’re going to get your tax returns!’

 Video: Watch Elizabeth Warren Suggest Trump’s Going to Prison: By 2020 ‘He May Not Even Be a Free Person’

 Hillary teases 2020 run? Clinton tells conference ‘It takes a woman to get the job done’

 Netflix paid NOTHING in federal or state taxes in 2018 despite posting record profits of $845million - and even got a $22million rebate - The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy said corporations like Netflix are still 'exploiting loopholes' under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

 Welcome to California, land of 1,000 laws — and that’s just this year


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