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 New MASSIVE and organized migrant caravan moves through Mexico on its way to the US border - A new wave of possibly more than 60,000 migrants has left the city of Tapachula in southeastern Mexico. The migrants are reportedly on their way to Mexico City, and then to the northern border.

 Texas and Missouri Sue Biden Administration Over Border Crisis

 Illegal immigrants exempt from DOJ’s vaccine mandate at deportation hearings

 Border Arrests Reach Highest Level Since 1986 Amnesty Bill

 Senate Dems’ Bill Would Shift Border Patrol Funds Towards Removing Border Wall

 Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

 Whistleblower Says ICE Released Over 16,000 COVID-Positive Immigrants Into the US

 Biden’s Pick to Head Customs and Border Protection Opposes Police Cooperation With Federal Immigration Enforcement

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 Biden Silent as Haitian Gang Threatens to Kill 17 U.S. Missionaries If Ransom Doesn’t Arrive

 The Crisis Continues: State Department Admits Nearly 400 Americans Still Stranded in Afghanistan

 Thousands of Afghan evacuees leave US military bases for new homes - Thousands of Afghan refugees have left their temporary shelters at military installation bases to receive more permanent housing.

 US Marshals: We're Looking to See If the January 6th Defendants Are Being Deliberately Mistreated

 Portland, OR Sets New Homicide Record After Defunding Police

 Why Biden’s State Department Has Offered a Cash Bounty for a Fugitive Smuggler of Afghans

 Marxist BLM Co-Founder Who Owns Multiple Homes Appointed as a Los Angeles County Commissioner

 Rep. Cori Bush Continues “Defund Police” Push While Spending $130k on Private Security, Including Cops


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