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 Supreme Court Tosses Cross-Border Shooting Lawsuit - A divided Supreme Court ruled that U.S. Border Patrol agents can’t be held liable for damages for shooting people on the Mexico side of the southern U.S. border. 

 Crackdown on immigrants who use public benefits takes effect

 UConn students' arrest over racial slur prompts review of state's ridicule ban - Two University of Connecticut students uttered a racial slur several times while walking through the parking lot of a campus apartment complex and were recorded by a black student.

 US, Taliban to sign peace agreement at end of month: Pompeo

 Secession fever spikes in five states as conservatives seek to escape blue rule - You’ve got Oregonians seeking to cascade into Idaho, Virginians who identify as West Virginians, Illinoians fighting to escape Chicago, Californians dreaming of starting a 51st state, and New Yorkers who think three states are better than one. Separation fever is sweeping the nation as quixotic but tenacious bands of frustrated rural dwellers, suburbanites and conservatives seek to break free from states with legislatures increasingly controlled by liberal big cities and metropolitan strongholds.

 Oregon Conservatives Petition to Shift State Lines and Join Idaho - Conservatives in Oregon are pressing their state's government to redraw state borders so they can join Idaho, which last voted for a Democratic president in 1964. Mike McCarter, 72, is the leader of Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho, which has asked 18 Oregon counties to approve petitions to open communications with Oregon’s legislative leaders.

 Trump tweets about ‘suing everyone’ over Roger Stone, Mueller probe - President Trump suggested that he might take legal action against “everyone all over the place” because of then-special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion during the 2016 election.

 Virginia lawmakers reject assault weapon ban - Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s push to ban the sale of assault weapons has failed after members of his own party balked at the proposal. Senators voted to shelve the bill for the year and ask the state crime commission to study the issue, an outcome that drew cheers from a committee room packed with gun advocates.

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 The Extreme Panic The Coronavirus Is Causing Elsewhere On The Globe Could Soon Be Coming To The U.S.

 Desperate to stop virus’ spread, countries limit travel - Officials scrambled to halt the spread of the burgeoning new virus, from northern Italy where troops were dispatched to enforce quarantines and schools were shuttered, to South Korea, where some neighborhoods in a city of 2.5 million were brought to a near standstill. New clusters of the illness popped up far from its apparent point of origin in China, fueling apprehension in world financial markets and political institutions.

 Harvey Weinstein verdict brings relief for his victims - Harvey Weinstein’s victims, and those who believe them, finally got their Hollywood ending: The dethroned Hollywood mogul led out of a courtroom in handcuffs. After nearly a week of deliberations, the jury returned their verdict: Guilty on two counts, rape and a criminal sex act.

 Trump administration targeting 'enemy of America' Julian Assange, court told

 Chinese Military Turns to U.S. University to Conduct Covert Research - Case of Chinese researcher at Boston University renews fears Beijing is targeting American academia

 White House Warns Beijing: 'We Still Expect You To Honor Your Trade Deal Commitments'

 Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother and said she would 'do what she had to do to get him "papers" to keep him in U.S.', reveals Somali community leader

 Sen. Tom Cotton stands by startling theory on coronavirus origins: 'We need to be open to all possibilities' - Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. stood by his earlier suggestion that the deadly coronavirus may have originated in a high-security biochemical lab in Wuhan, China, saying that we "need to be open to all possibilities" in exploring the origins of the outbreak that has sickened more than 75,000 people around the world.


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