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 Report: DHS to Release 1.8K Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens into U.S. over Weekend - Roughly 1,800 border crossers and illegal aliens are expected to be released from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) custody into the interior of the United States this weekend in the El Paso, Texas region.

 ICE releasing 1,000 illegal immigrant family members a day - Border surge forces drop in ICE arrests as officers deployed to catch-and-release

 Immigration court backlog up 300%, system ‘on brink of collapse’ - The American Bar Association is warning of an “existential crisis” over the unprecedented surge in the number of immigration cases clogging up courts. In a new 176-page report that repeatedly raps the Trump administration’s policies, the ABA said that the backlog in immigration courts is over 1 million.

 ICE Reportedly Dropped 3 Busloads of Illegal Aliens At a Greyhound Station As Churches Scrambled to Provide Shelter - Hamstrung by court-ordered catch-and-release policies and maxed-out immigration centers, federal immigration officials reportedly dumped a full three busloads of illegal alien migrants at an Arizona bus station this week with no immediate place to go.

 Commentary: Why aren’t we deporting illegal aliens who already have deportation orders? - "...We are told by the legal profession that nothing can be done to block bogus asylum-seekers from entering our country en masse, obtaining catch-and-release, and remaining here pending the outcome of a court decision that may be years in coming. But why is the DHS not at least deporting those who already went through this tedious process and have been ordered to be deported?"

 DHS Secretary Projects That Border Patrol Will Catch 100,000 Illegal Immigrants in March Alone

 U.S. Military Now Preparing to Leave as Many as 1,000 Troops in Syria - The policy shift comes three months after President Trump ordered a complete withdrawal and is far more than the White House originally intended.

 MS-13 members accused of stabbing 16-year-old 100 times, setting body on fire - Maryland police say five MS-13 gang members stabbed one of their own 100 times and drove the body to Virginia where they set it on fire. The victim of the brutal attack was a 16-year-old high school student.

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 Record $120 billion sent home to 3 top nations flooding US with illegal immigrants - Immigrants from the three Central American nation’s sourcing many illegal border crossers sent a record amount of money home last year, bringing the total this decade to $120 billion.

 ISIS caliphate has crumbled and last stronghold liberated - The caliphate has crumbled, and the final offensive is over. While the official announcement hasn’t yet been made – the village of Baghouz, Syria, the last ISIS stronghold, is liberated.

 MSNBC Guest: Fox News Is The ‘Singular Cause’ Of ‘Hate’ - A guest on MSNBC said that Fox News was the “single cause” of hateful discourse, during a debate on the responsibility of social media platforms when it comes to their live streaming services. Jeff Jarvis, a professor at the City University of New York (CUNY), brought up Fox News in a discussion about how the New Zealand shooter used Facebook Live to document the attack and how social media platforms should prevent it from happening in the future.

 Buzzfeed Gives Anti-Israel Activists Who Harassed Chelsea Clinton A Guest Column - Buzzfeed News gave the two anti-Israel activists who confronted Chelsea Clinton at a NYC memorial for victims of a horrific mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand, the opportunity to write a "guest column" on their site, and the two women took it as an opportunity to double-down, smearing and attacking Clinton even further.

 VIDEO: Leftist NYU Students Blame Chelsea Clinton For Christchurch Terror Attack Because She Condemned Ilhan Omar's Anti-Semitism

 Ocasio-Cortez hits NRA after New Zealand shooting: 'What good are your thoughts and prayers?' - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) tore into the National Rifle Association (NRA) after at least one gunman opened fire at two New Zealand mosques, leaving at least 49 people dead. The New York lawmaker condemned the fatal attack on Twitter, focusing her message on the American gun group.

 Democratic senator and CNN rush to blame Trump over New Zealand massacre - Sen. Richard Blumenthal and a CNN anchor immediately blamed rhetoric from President Trump and his allies for the mass shooting in New Zealand that took the lives of 49 people.

 Beto O'Rourke starts presidential campaign by claiming the world faces 'catastrophe' and warns 'hundreds of millions' of climate refugees will overwhelm borders and humanity could go EXTINCT unless we fix the planet in 12 years


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