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 Assaults on Border Patrol agents rise as border chaos spreads

 How the Biden admin quietly converts illegal immigrants into legal ‘parolees’ - This administration isn’t the first to rely on parole, but its application of the process is the most wide-ranging. Authorities have flexed their power to bring in Afghan evacuees, Ukrainians who want to avoid the war in their country, and hundreds of thousands of people from myriad countries who show up at the southern border.

 Commentary: The border crisis is probably about to get worse once Title 42 ends - "...Migrants, activists and the Biden administration know that the current asylum system isn’t really about determining who gets asylum. That’s really just a legal sideshow happening on top of the real system. The real system is to provide a convenient pretext for millions of people who have no real chance of being granted asylum (because they are nearly all economic migrants) to enter the country and live here indefinitely anyway."

 ACLU Wants To Free 30K Criminal Illegal Aliens Into U.S. Towns - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is urging President Joe Biden’s administration to shut down nearly all detention of illegal aliens, a plan that would free 30,000 detainees into American cities and towns.

 15 States Ask a Federal Court to Keep Title 42 in Place - 15 states asked a federal judge to keep Title 42 in place, a COVID-19-era policy which allows Border Patrol agents to quickly expel immigrants from crossing the border into the U.S.

 Hunter Biden Owned Financial Stake In Digital Banking Platform For Undocumented Migrants, Introduced Founder To Joe Biden While Company Received Mexican Government’s Endorsement.

 DNC Continues to Cite 2005 Number on Illegal Immigration, Studies Indicate Real Figure Likely 3 Times Higher - In reality, the number of illegal immigrants in this country is actually a multiple of the 11 million number that is frequently quoted by politicians.

 Texas Gov. Abbott Declares Biden "In Violation of U.S. Constitution" for Not Securing Border

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 Biden eases sanctions on Venezuela - The good news is that the Biden administration is finally doing something about the Biden energy crisis, encouraging more oil drilling. The bad news is that the drilling will be taking place in Venezuela, not the United States.

 The World Responds: Is Ukraine Headed For A Nuclear Accident? - The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant once again lost access to external energy sources and revealed that the plant was relying on diesel generators to remain functional and safe.

 Lawmakers concerned about Chinese drones in restricted spaces around Capitol - Drones produced by industry giant DJI typically equipped with proprietary software that prevents use in restricted areas like DC, but safeguards are easily bypassed

 Ukraine war: European Parliament votes to declare Russia a 'state sponsor of terrorism'

 Pentagon refuses to detail request for $37.7B in additional Ukraine assistance - The Defense Department would not say how much of that money will be used to replenish US munitions stocks

 Biden to Send Ukraine Another $400 Million in Weapons From U.S. Stockpile

 The Sneaky Way China Could Win a War Against America - Kill the Logistics Fleet: The U.S. armed forces can accomplish little in the Western Pacific without ample and regular supplies of all types, from fuel to ammunition to foodstuffs. Prospective foes—read China—know this. They will go after the logistics fleet hauling matériel to the fighting forces, making it a priority target set.

 North Korea Keeps Testing ICBMs (And We Can’t Stop Them) - North Korea, once again, tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. It is another among dozens of missile tests this year. This one notably can strike the continental United States.


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