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 Google Search Says Republican Women Are ‘Enablers’ - Republican women are “enablers,” according to Google search results. Google’s search results for the National Federation of Republican Women, the nation’s largest Republican women’s group, displayed the organization’s name instead as the “National Federation of Republican Enablers.”

 Democrats Plan to Pursue Most Aggressive Gun-Control Legislation in Decades - Focus spurred by an incoming class of lawmakers with ‘F’ NRA ratings who campaigned on the issue

 Illegal Border Crossers Now Ineligible For Asylum, White House Says - Foreigners who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally will no longer be allowed to claim asylum under a new rule meant to crack down on "meritless" claims, the Trump administration has announced.

 Tattooed ex-Marine who killed 12 people in country music bar massacre had PTSD: Gunman, 28, 'terrified' his mother and neighbors after returning from Afghanistan tour before he opened fire on student night - Ian Long, 28, opened fire at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA; He was dressed in all-black and used a .45 caliber handgun; Witnesses said he also let off smoke grenades inside to confuse the terrified crowds as they ran for their lives; He killed himself in an office in the bar after killing 11 patrons and a sheriff's sergeant who responded

 Trump to Dems threatening investigation: ‘Two can play that game!’ - “If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!,” Trump wrote on his Twitter account.

 Beto busts: Ted Cruz holds off O’Rourke in high profile Texas Senate race

 Commentary: US has every reason to turn the caravan away

 1100 Migrants Apprehended Daily Along U.S.-Mexico Border, Say Feds - Border Patrol agents apprehended an average of nearly 1,100 migrants along the U.S-Mexico Border every day in the past fiscal year. During the most recent month, that number jumped to nearly 1,400.

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 Commentary: In Midterms, Democrats’ College Indoctrination Campaign Bore Fruit - "...In the left's image, U.S. education has become a virtue-signal-generation machine. The bulk of our credentials have turned into shiny gold stars meant to signify not achievement but compliance with leftist ideology."

 Commentary: Trump Dared to Build Up Our Military — and the Left Is Angry

 Antifa expands its hit list as political violence escalates - When a mob of left-wing antifa activists descended  on Fox News personality Tucker Carlson’s D.C. home, it signaled a new phase in the political violence and angry confrontations that now are targeting the news media.

 DC Antifa Publishes Home Addresses of Tucker Carlson and His Brother — As Well As Ann Coulter, Neil Patel, and Sean Hannity - Hours after an Antifa mob showed up at the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, an affiliated Twitter account published his home address and the home address of his brother Buckley Carlson — along with the addresses of Ann Coulter, Daily Caller’s Neil Patel, and Sean Hannity.

 'They were threatening me and my family': Tucker Carlson's home targeted by protesters - "It wasn't a protest. It was a threat," said Carlson. "They weren't protesting anything specific that I had said. They weren't asking me to change anything. They weren't protesting a policy or advocating for legislation. They were threatening me and my family and telling me to leave my own neighborhood in the city that I grew up in."

 A Mob Showed Up Outside Tucker Carlson’s House And Ordered Him To ‘Leave Town’ - A left-wing mob showed up outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house, posted pictures of his address online and demanded that he flee the city of Washington, D.C. The group “Smash Racism DC” posted video footage to Twitter showing one of the mob’s ringleaders leading the crowd in chants of “racist scumbag, leave town!” and “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!” “No borders! No walls! No USA at all!” the protesters chanted in another video.

 America’s urban-rural divide deepens

 Hollywood Lefties Lose Their Minds Over Midterm Election Results - Whether celebrating or mourning, Bette Midler, George Takei and others managed to have a collective meltdown


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