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 Supreme Court: Sandy Hook lawsuit against gun manufacturer can proceed - The Supreme Court refused to shield Remington Arms Co. from potential liability for the 2012 school shooting that left 26 dead in Newtown, Conn.

 Migrants Find Different Fates at Texas, Arizona Borders - Across most of the southern U.S. border, hundreds of immigrant families are being ushered out of the country every day as part of the Trump administration program known as “Remain in Mexico.” But in Arizona, many families are finding the policy is still “remain in the U.S.”

 Republican Enthusiasm TOPS Dems Going into Election Year, A Rarity for Party in Power

 More Than 500,000 Foreigners Entered U.S. Illegally In FY2019, Report Finds

 Tucson voters overwhelmingly reject sanctuary city measure - Voters in one of Arizona's most liberal cities rejected an initiative that would have made Tucson the state's only sanctuary city amid concerns that it went too far in restricting police officers.

 Jeffrey Epstein's Injuries Are Increasingly Pointing to Homicide

 Trump defends border wall design after report smugglers are sawing through it

 Smugglers Use Saws to Cut Through Areas of New Border Wall

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 Mexican cartel dumps at least four bodies stuffed in 10 bags and threaten a government official

 ISIS Muslima who urged Muslims to “spill blood” of Americans wants to return to US: “I want to have my own car”

 Mexican Ambassador Blames Drug Cartel Violence On Addicted Americans - The letter insinuating American demand for illicit substances drives drug cartel violence comes a few days after nine Americans were killed.

 7-Year-Old Boy Whose Mom Claims He's Trans Opts To Go To School As Boy - A seven-year-old boy, whose mother claims he’s actually a girl named “Luna,” recently chose to go to school as himself, a boy named James, now that his father has been granted equal say in his “transition.”

 ISIS encouraging followers to light forest fires in US

 Trump calls for 'war' against Mexican drug cartel 'monsters' after Americans murdered - President Trump offered U.S. assistance as he called on Mexico to “wage war” against the country's murderous drug cartel “monsters” in response to the brutal killing of multiple Americans.

 Mexico Mormons: Nine US citizens, including children, killed in ambush - At least nine US citizens, three women and six children, have been killed in an attack by suspected drug cartel gunmen in northern Mexico.

 Pregnant Florida woman uses AR-15 to fend off burglars attacking her family - A Florida woman who was eight-months pregnant and came out wielding an AR-15 rifle reportedly saved her husband and pre-teen daughter from a pair of violent intruders who'd broken into the family's home — with the gun-toting matriarch fatally striking one of the men, who was later found dead in a nearby ditch.


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