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 RAVE - Armed Robber Thwarted by Good Guy with Gun at Georgia Fast Food Joint - "An armed robber held up the Zaxby’s fast food joint in Alpharetta but was quickly neutralized after a bystander with a gun stepped in. Police confirmed the bystander with the gun will not be charged."

 RANT - BEWARE: California Bills Headed to Newsom’s Desk Will Launch a Transgender Inquisition Targeting Parents - "California’s Legislature has passed—or is about to pass—a slew of bills aimed at undermining the rights of parents (and potential foster parents) who disagree with the transgender worldview."


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 RANT - Biden-Appointed Judge Rules Religious Parents Can’t Opt Kids Out Of Pro-LGBT School Lessons - "Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox parents argue that the school board’s 'no-opt-out' policy violates their constitutional rights."

 RANT - "God Is Being Abandoned": Christian Official Faces Hate Speech Trial for Quoting the Bible - "A prominent figure in Finland’s parliament is facing a second trial on charges of hate speech after sharing a Bible quote on social media."


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