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 RAVE - CNN's Brian Stelter challenges assertion that leftists squelch debate on hot-button issues. But Bari Weiss turns the tables on him — by ripping CNN. - "Brian Stelter — CNN's chief media correspondent — challenged the assertion by former New York Times Opinion editor Bari Weiss that leftists have been squelching debate and discussion on hot-button issues.

But Weiss was more than equal to the task — and turned the tables on Stelter by blasting his own network."

 RANT - NBC News: Biden should "name and shame" employers, encourage snitches - "NBC is suggesting that the Biden administration will have trouble enforcing its vaccination mandate on the countless private sector businesses that will be impacted. How does the crew at NBC suggest that Joe Biden get around this problem? By using the power of both the mainstream media and social media, with the help of willing snitches inside of these companies, to publicly identify them, hit them heavily with fines, etc., and enlist journalists to cover the stories broadly so others will be too frightened to refuse to comply."


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 RANT - Journos Whine They Don’t Praise Biden's Agenda Enough, Ignore Its Victims - "In another ridiculous segment from CNN’s so-called “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter was joined by some of his liberal cohorts from other left-leaning outfits to bemoan how their industry supposedly didn’t praise President Biden’s legislative agenda enough. But a segment from Fox News Channel’s Special Report undermined their premise by showing what the liberal media was truly ignoring: how multiple economic reports showed Biden’s tax hikes would be paid by the poor."

 RANT - Lt. Col Locked Up for Speaking Out Against Biden's Brass Over Afghanistan - "The men who oversaw the disastrous rout from Afghanistan will get book deals, board seats, and speaking tours. Those who speak out against them will be behind bars."


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