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 RAVE - ‘People like Kate Steinle?’ Cameron Gray straight-up OWNS Daily Beast journo claiming border policies literally kill people -- Daily Beast journo Ken Klippenstein claimed our border policies are literally killing people.
Issues with illegal immigration have indeed cost people their lives, just not the ones Ken wants us to focus on. Cameron Gray pointed out how these policies literally have cost people their lives, and Ken will likely not be pleased.

 RANT -  MSNBC Misleadingly Suggests a Doubling of Whites Killing Minorities -- The same MSNBC that ignored reports of some Democratic members of Congress having ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, have been working in overdrive to highlight a handful of white supremacist political candidates who are running for office as Republicans but most likely will never be elected.
And, as she discussed her report on the subject, NBC correspondent Morgan Radford cited misleading statistics suggesting a substantial increase in the number of whites committing murders and other hate crimes against blacks when a look at the data paints a very different picture.


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 RANT - PORTLANDIA: White People Asked To Donate Money To 'Reparations Happy Hour' -- "...Some hippy-dippy bleeding heart liberals with some serious cases of white guilt held a "Reparations Happy Hour." They invited only people of color and, when each arrived, they were given a $10 bill (not exactly 40 acres and a mule).

White people were asked to fund the event -- but, of course, not to attend. (Can you imagine, mixing the races!?)"

 RANT - SHOCKER! 2 of 'Big 3' evening newscasts took a pass on this BIG Trump-related story -- NewsBusters tweeted: "WUT? US forces in Iraq captured 5 of ISIS's top leaders and CBS was the only network in the big three to mention it"

Geraldo Rivera tweeted: "Capture of 5 #ISIS big shots = big news. Curious how so important a development is largely overlooked by mainstream-Is it because international terrorists no longer represent a significant security threat? Or-more likely-media resolved never to write good news re @realDonaldTrump"


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