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 RANT - School Passes Out Flyer To Seven-Year-Olds Discussing ‘Implants, Pills, Condoms And More’ -- A children’s elementary school distributed a flyer to children as young as second grade that promoted a clinic hosted by a medical volunteer corps. There was one problem: one side of the flyer advertised “free birth control and pre-pregnancy services” as well as free “implants, pills, condoms and more.”

  RAVE - NBC Finds Impeachment Only Strengthens Trump Base -- In a rare example of the liberal media actually bothering to talk to supporters of President Trump, NBC’s Today show devoted a full report to examining the strength of Trump’s base one year out from the 2020 election. The segment specifically found the impeachment push by Democrats only made the President’s voters “support him now more than ever.” 


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 RANT - It’s not just women’s sports that’s under attack: Biological male transgenders are about to take over female roles in Hollywood, and the viewing audience must pretend they’re all women -- The LGBTQP lobby is outraged that transgenders are not getting as many acting roles on Broadway as they would prefer, so it is now calling on the performance industry to change its ways and start embracing transgenders just as they would normal actors. An omen of what is soon to come for Hollywood.

 RANT - Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex -- The sex and gender revolutionaries have officially taken over the Austin Independent School District without firing a single shot.

In spite of overwhelming opposition from parents and pastors, the district’s trustees voted to implement a pornographic sex education policy that includes instruction on anal sex and how to place a condom on an erect penis.


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