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 RAVE - Ohio Strikes Back Against Big Tech, Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against GoogleThe Big Tech giant Google has maintained its grip on the market for too long, and another state has decided to fight back.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R) filed a lawsuit against Google arguing that “Google’s operation of Google Search is a public utility.” If successful, the lawsuit would ensure that Google Search “does not unfairly discriminate against third party websites.”

 RANT - NYC shrink tells Yale audience she fantasizes about shooting white people in head - A New York City-based psychiatrist told an audience at the Yale School of Medicine that she had fantasies of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way.”

Dr. Aruna Khilanani spewed the race-hating virtual remarks — in which she also said she’d walk away from the shooting “with a bounce in my step” and that white people “make my blood boil” and “are out of their minds and have been for a long time” — at the Ivy League institution’s Child Study Center.


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 RANT - Scammers’ billions ripped off from pandemic assistance funds ‘tip of the iceberg’ - While many Americans were struggling with monthly payments, fraudsters were using taxpayer money to buy Maseratis and Teslas, install home swimming pools, or pay for plastic surgery.

 RANT - CNN’s Hitler-Loving Freelancer Is a Symptom of a Dangerous Media Problem - "Much was made of the discovery that CNN had been using the services of Pakistani freelancer Adeel Raja. Raja, notoriously, was discovered to have been tweeting praise for —  you can’t make it up —  Hitler."


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