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 RANT - The Left Misrepresents Stats To Deceptively Claim Illegals Are 'Less Likely To Commit Crimes' - "The media and Democrat officials continue to parrot the claim that illegals commit violent crimes at a lower rate than native-born Americans."

 RANT - LGBT Activists Oppose Making Child Sex Trafficking a Felony - "California's SB 1414 is a pretty simple bill, yet it has generated a lot of controversy.

Bottom line? It changes soliciting a minor to have sex (prostitution of a minor) from a misdemeanor to a felony. Hard to see how that could be controversial, right? 

Except in California, that is, where many Democrats and the alphabet crowd are worried that it will impact minorities and especially the Queer community disproportionately."


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 RANT - How Feminism Laid The Groundwork For Transgenderism - "The trans movement is in full bloom. Many are scratching their heads as to how we got here.

A survey of the last two centuries reveals that it was long in the making, with deep roots found in feminist ideology. Feminism ushered in significant shifts in thinking about women, fundamentally changing the way Western civilization considers biology, language, and law."

 RANT - Disney exec caught on video saying company discriminates against White males -"Michael Giordano, Disney’s senior vice president for business affairs, said in an undercover video that the entertainment giant makes hiring and advancement decisions based on race, specifically excluding White males from roles and promotions.

At Disney, he said, "they’re very careful about messaging because they don’t want to get sued for discrimination in either direction. But certainly, there have been times where, you know, there’s no way we’re hiring a White male.""


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