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 RAVE - Rep. Jim Jordan SCORCHES Big Tech at Antitrust Hearing: They’re ‘Out to Get Conservatives’ - Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) raked Big Tech over the coals, saying there’s no more denying what can be plainly seen: “Big Tech is out to get conservatives. That’s not a suspicion. That's not a hunch. That's a fact.”

 RAVE - 'I'm a Christian': SF Giants pitcher declines to kneel for Black Lives Matter - San Francisco Giants player Sam Coonrod was the only player who declined to kneel for Black Lives Matter during the season opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers, a decision he attributed to his Christian faith. “I’m a Christian, so I just believe that I can’t kneel before anything besides God,” the 27-year-old pitcher said.


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 RANT - Leftist Protests, More Sacred Than Church Services - For many Americans, the most painful consequence of the coronavirus lockdowns was closing down church services. The grace and peace of Sunday makes it easier to make it through the week. But our media and political elites are indifferent to that pain, or openly hostile.

 RANT - Europe: Rape Victims Accused Of Racism - "Blame the victim" is back with a vengeance and gaining ground throughout the West...


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