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  RANT - Media Uninterested in First Korean Woman in Congress... Because She's Republican -- The media loves firsts.

It's obsessively promoting the first gay governor. The first two Muslim anti-Semitic women in the House, one of whom is accused of marrying her brother (the media obviously isn't mentioning that part), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest elected dimwit.

It's oddly uninterested in the first Korean-American woman in the House.

Well, not so oddly. Rep. Young Kim is a Republican.

 RANT - Video: TV News Worship Dem Candidates as Celebrities, ‘Rock Stars’ -- TV news hosts have abdicated their role as reporters to become partisan cheerleaders, inundating the airwaves with portrayals of Democratic candidates as lovable celebrities. The same media who relentlessly hammer Republicans with 88-percent negative coverage have stubbornly refused to cover Democratic scandals, while praising their favorite candidates as “rock stars.”


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RANT - CERTIFIABLE! Disturbing Twitter thread highlights violent THREATS media and the Left have made against Trump

 RANT - Narrative: Chuck Todd Peddles Fellow Lefties, Bashes GOP Fear-Mongers Leading the Real Mob -- Following what’s become a persistent narrative from the liberal media, Chuck Todd declared on MTP Daily that the midterm message put forth by President Trump (and, by extension, the GOP) has been “a heavy dose of a bit of fear-mongering, conspiracy theories and even some mob-style antics.” Ah yes, so Todd is going to insinuate that Trump’s GOP are the real mob and not the left.


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